St. Peter's Church, Llanbedr

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Marriage is of course a joyful service and also a legal contract.  For Christians it is a gift from God, and Jesus' first miracle was performed at a wedding.  Through history  marriages have been celebrated in churches, and a church wedding has a special significance for the couple and their families.  


Because it is a legal contract there are certain rules that have to be borne in mind - both parties must be over 16 years of age, it must be registered, banns must be read out or you may need a Licence.  A straightforward marriage, including registration, costs £394.50, including an organist, although you can add bell ringers, flowers or a choir to this. The Rector can explain all of this to you.


Some people think that if they have been divorced they may not have a Church wedding.  In many cases this is not so - although the Church teaches that marriage is for life it also recognises that sadly sometimes this does not work.  Speak to the Rector to see what the possibilities are.


Whatever your position, marriage is a serious step that needs careful thought, but is also a happy time which we would be pleased to help you through at St. Peter's.