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During the Coronavirus outbreak we will be posting prayers and bible readings, for those who would like to worship at home.  We hope this helps.



This Blog started with updates on the progress of the work repairing and improving the church building.  This has now finished, and included repairs to the roof and stonework, photovoltaic panels on the roof, improved disabled access, updating the electrics and lighting, installing a sound system and an exciting project making textile panels to show the history of the church and the people who have lived around it.  


By AE, Oct 12 2020 08:50PM

This evening's lectionary reading from the Gospel of Mark 15: 1 - 15, brings us a familiar tale. We might remember from tellings of this story from our childhood how Pilate was always simplified into the bad guy, the villain of the piece who had Jesus crucified. Reading with an adult head, though, and perhaps a bit of sympathy for people stuck between a rock and a hard place, what would we have done in Pilate's shoes?

God bless

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