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During the Coronavirus outbreak we will be posting prayers and bible readings, for those who would like to worship at home.  We hope this helps.



This Blog started with updates on the progress of the work repairing and improving the church building.  This has now finished, and included repairs to the roof and stonework, photovoltaic panels on the roof, improved disabled access, updating the electrics and lighting, installing a sound system and an exciting project making textile panels to show the history of the church and the people who have lived around it.  


By AE, Oct 21 2020 07:44PM

As winter comes, it is sometimes good to remember the summer, the sunny days, and, especially this year, picnics.

People get excited about picnics, and Mole, in the Wind in the Willows, did too.



By AE, Oct 20 2020 05:59PM

This evening's gospel passage from the lectionary contains Christ's great promise to us, that we can be filled with His love through the Advocate, the Holy Spirit. The passage speaks for itself.

God bless


By AE, Oct 19 2020 07:15PM

19th October commemorates the death in 899 of King Alfred, Alfred the Great, as legend would have it burner of cakes, and King of Wessex.

Alfred was born in Wantage, Berkshire, in 849, and became king in 878 at the age of 21, already a seasoned warrior, having fought with his brothers against the marauding Vikings. In May the same year, his small force of Saxon fighters defeated the Vikings at Edington, and Alfred was able to agree a peace settlement with King Guthrum, so that the Vikings withdrew to East Anglia and Alfred ruled over Wessex and Mercia.

Alfred was a wise man, and immediately began to consolidate his kingdom, establishing fortifications to defend it from the Vikings, and restoring education, particularly literacy, the legal system and coinage. He also stood as godfather to King Guthrum when he was baptised as a christian, foresaking his pagan heritage. It was for his valient defence of his kingdom, his wisdom and foresight in stabilising his country that he became known as Great, the only British king or queen to do so.


By AE, Oct 17 2020 06:47PM

Another poem from the book Striking Out, by Stephen Cottrell, written while he walked the Camino del Norte to Santiago de Compostella


By AE, Oct 16 2020 08:54PM

The Church Mission Society (CMS) are holding their Wales and the Borders conference this weekend, all online of course, including worship on Sunday morning from St Edmund's. Details are below, including how to access the various talks.

Meanwhile, also below, a piece from Isiah which brings some comfort, hope for these uncertain times.

God bless

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