St. Peter's Church, Llanbedr

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This Blog is for updates on the progress of the work repairing and improving the church building.  The first phase has now got underway, and will include repairs to the roof and stonework, photovoltaic panels on the roof, improved disabled access, updating the electrics and lighting, installing a sound system and an exciting project making textile panels to show the history of the church and the people who have lived around it.  We would welcome volunteers to help with that part.


By annabelle, Feb 28 2016 09:46PM

And news of the Stitch: Lisa will be in the Church again working from Thursday 17th March through until Sunday 20th March. Judging by the sketch book she had with her last time, this is beginning to get quie exciting.

She will be back again on Thursday, 7th April, right through until Tuesday, 12th April, so we will start to see some progress. All welcome to come and help!


By annabelle, Feb 28 2016 09:30PM

Apologies for the lack of updates recently, but there have been broadband challenges in the Vale of Gwrynne. We are back now, though, and look what a difference a few weeks makes: slates now on almost all of both sides of the valley, and, very cheerfully, the sun shining on the PV panels.


By annabelle, Jan 21 2016 08:32PM

Amazing the difference some sunshine makes - now nearly at the ridge on the south face, so almost half done.


By annabelle, Jan 13 2016 10:30PM

Also time to get busy with those needles ... come and join us!

In the Village Hall, Saturday 16th January, drop in between 2 and 8pm


By annabelle, Jan 13 2016 10:27PM

Also in the valley, which hopefully means that soon the water will stop coming in to the church ...

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