St. Peter's Church, Llanbedr

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This Blog is for updates on the progress of the work repairing and improving the church building.  The first phase has now got underway, and will include repairs to the roof and stonework, photovoltaic panels on the roof, improved disabled access, updating the electrics and lighting, installing a sound system and an exciting project making textile panels to show the history of the church and the people who have lived around it.  We would welcome volunteers to help with that part.

The Great Llanbedr Church Roof Project

By annabelle, Jul 18 2015 09:27PM

Hurray - at last on Thursday, 16th July, work started on the drainage round the church. This shows the very firs breaking of the ground. Digging was held up while the archaeologist fitted a new reel of black and white film into his camera (yes, really) and then we were off.

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